Reserved Level   2005199520021976Roger, in the left field pavilion?? Yeah, if it were 1962. Keep looking.In right field?? You're more likely to catch a homerun than find Roger here.Tell me, is the altitude getting to you?? This could take all day.You're getting warmer. Well, no, not really.You really have no clue do you??You might be enjoying the game, but no under-the-leg peanut tosses from Roger over here.You think Roger is in this section?? You must have had too many Dodger Dogs.Let me guess, you're new to the stadium??Who do you think you are, Vin Scully??Is that a pigeon sitting next to you?? Keep looking.At least you're on the third base side. How did you get such good seats?? Can we be friends??Best seats in the ballpark, but no behind-the-back peanut tosses here.Great seats. Have any extra tickets??Are you gonna drink that soda??Great view, but Roger isn't in this section. Keep looking.Ahh, field level seats. Only thing better is the Loge level where you can...umm how 'bout those Dodgers??You're on the right level. Could that be Roger's voice in the distance??"Peanuts, peanuts here." Hey there's Roger. Hold up your hands. Cool. There's Roger. Ask him to throw you some peanuts or for his autograph. Now you can say you've enjoyed a Dodger game.
Press Box / Stadium Level
Loge Level Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Field Level
  If you’ve been to a Dodger game and
have seen Roger in action, then you obviously know which section he's in,
but for those who have no clue, try
finding him on the chart.


  Ceremonial first pitches of the season
are most often designated for presidents, mayors, and other dignitaries. However, Roger has been given the honor more
than once. The red circles on the chart detail his historic tosses.
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