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The Perfect Pitch is the wonderful, highly original, true life story of Roger Owens, the Famous Peanut Man, and it's available at Borders Book Stores, Dodger Stadium, and at many online retailers and at the publisher's website at The Perfect Pitch also chronicles the struggles of three brothers and six sisters, living in foster homes, in poverty, and with a loving but desperate father, and a mother away getting treatment for a mental breakdown. It also details two, unbelievable family miracles that are amazing and inspiring, and it's a motivating tale of Roger's own rags to riches success story, from lowly 7-Up soda vendor to America's premier peanut pitcher.

Roger's 50th Anniversary With The Dodgers

As a 15 year-old, Roger started out trying to bring extra grocery money for his poor family by working at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1958. The Brooklyn Dodgers had moved West to play baseball in Los Angeles and it was an exciting time. When the Dodgers moved into Dodger Stadium in 1962, a new era was born, and so was a remarkable new talent when Roger first tossed a bag of peanuts behind his back right to the waiting customer. And fifty years later after Roger first began working the crowds, he is still entertaining the fans with his amazing talent. Read more here.

Roger On KCAL 9 Dodger Pre-Game Show

Roger was featured on the Dodger pre-game show at 7:15pm on July 25th, 2008.

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Roger's Official Myspace Page

Check out Roger's official Myspace page here. And if you have Facebook, check out his Facebook Fan Club page here.