I have known Roger since I was a baby. Growing up, my parents would always take me to the Dodger games. As I grew, I was finally able to catch his passes, and once, ONLY once, was I able to steal a pass from my dad! This book is great and portrays the real Roger I know.
- Anonymous Reader

I read "The Perfect Pitch" this weekend and really loved it! I couldn't put it down except to eat or use the restroom. I believe God really gave you the wisdom and words to bless many people with the story of a family that needed to depend on a loving father and Heavenly Father to survive! I really loved your symbolism with the TRAIN coming to take Grandma at different times or to take us on different journeys in life. Thank you again for taking the time to write this story for there were many things I did not know and many nostalgic memories for me.
- Elizabeth, Placentia, CA